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Signing and Witnessing your LPA

The Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) documents will need to be signed and witnessed. Once you have received the forms from us, including our bespoke Guidance Forms, it is time for the Donor, Attorney(s), Replacement Attorney(s), if any, and the Certificate Provider to begin signing and witnessing the LPA.

Ideally, the signing and witnessing of the LPA is completed on the same day, reducing the chance of any error being made.

Hand signing LPA

So who can be my LPA witness?

It is best that someone who is completely impartial act as the witness through out the LPA signing. The chosen Certificate Provider is a wise choice as they are vouching that the Donor is not under any pressure or coercion to have the document made.

I’ve just made a mistake during the witnessing of the LPA

Rejected stamp

It happens, you’re nearly finished with the signing and witnessing and you suddenly realise that a mistake has been made. During the registration process with the Government body known as the Office of the Public Guardian, any errors that have been made would result in the documents being rejected during the registration period, usually meaning you have to start all over again, including further costs.

How can I ensure that my LPA is successfully registered?

Our service ensures that your documents are successfully registered.

When we are checking your LPA forms we notice an error, we contact you to explain this error and work with you to get this put right – at no further cost. What’s more, your own dedicated Account Manager is on hand to guide you through the entire process and ensure that your documents are registered with flying colours, and we guarantee that!

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