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Can one LPA cover both my wife/husband/partner and I?

One LPA cannot cover both of you.

There are two types of Lasting Power of Attorney which are prepared individually; so if both types are required, two documents shall be prepared for each spouse/partner.

The Donor (that’s the person giving others their authority) can choose up to 4 Attorneys (these are receiving the authority) which may include your spouse/partner. We require these details in order to produce your Lasting Power of Attorney documents. If you complete your application online, we ask for these details on Step 3 of our questionnaire.

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You may wish to consider appointing Replacement Attorneys in case your main Attorneys cannot act on your behalf. You will have the option to include Replacement Attorneys on Step 4 of our online application.

Should you prefer to speak to us directly about your application, our Telephone Service is available to start the process.

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