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Why do we need a ‘Certificate Provider’?

So,  you’re in the stages of arranging Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA); then you’ll need a Certificate Provider, someone who can vouch that no pressure is being made on the Donor (this is the person giving their authority to others).

Other than confirming that the Donor is making the LPA of their own free will, and that they understand what the documents will do, there is no further involvement for the Certificate Provider.

Will the Certificate Provider be given authority?

No, we are often asked about this during our Telephone Appointments. The Certificate Provider does not receive any authority of any kind over the Donor.

So, who can act as the Certificate Provider?

Someone that you have known for at least a 2-year period.

Many individuals can act as this role, but it cannot be:

  • A member of yours or your attorney’s family
  • Employees or business partner of yours or an attorney
  • One of your attorneys
  • A care worker

The Certificate Provider can be:

  • A friend or neighbor
  • Your doctor or any other processional (such as a barrister, lawyer).

What information is required for the Certificate Provider?

We shall require the full name (including any middles names) and their full address, this is all the information that we need for this person. We shall contact you once we have received your application for LPA and confirm the details of the Certificate Provider with you.


Should you wish to discuss your choice of Certificate Provider, please contact us on 0800 012 2074.

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